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User Manual Rowenta DW9280 Steamforce Iron

User Manual Rowenta DW9280 Steamforce Iron

Before Use

  1. IMPORTANT Before doing anything else, remove the sticker on the side fig.1
  2. Warning! We recommend operating the steam in a horizontal position for a few seconds, away from your linen, before using the steam feature for the first time,  pressing the Shot of Steam button a few times.
  3. During the first few uses, a harmless odor and a small amount of smoke may be noticeable.
  4. This has no effect on the use of iron and will cease quickly.
  5. Upon the first use, you may notice small particles coming out of the soleplate. This is part of the manufacturing process and is not harmful to you or your garments. It will disappear after several uses. You may accelerate this by using the self-cleaning function and shaking the iron gently.

Filling the water tank

  1. Before filling the water tank, unplug the iron.
  2. Set the temperature control dial on position (Min.)
  3. Open the filling inlet. Fill the container with water until it reaches its maximum capacity. Return the iron to its horizontal position by closing the filling inlet.
  4. You can plug in your iron.

Setting the temperature

  1. Your iron has an Auto steam Electronic Control function that regulates the quantity of steam and temperature according to the cloth selected for the best results. By rotating the thermostat and verifying the fabric to be ironed on the display, you may select the cloth to be ironed. An ideal location for each cloth has been pre-defined for best results. You may also use international temperature data to adjust your iron.
  2. When your iron reaches the required temperature, the selected fabric in the LED screen stops flashing and is displayed constantly. You can start ironing.

A puff of steam (from the temperature setting upwards)

To create a forceful jet of steam focused at the tip, press the shoot of the steam button. This precise spray concentrates steam in the front region, removing persistent wrinkles.

Download Manual PDF

You can download the full version of the user manual in pdf format from the link we have provided below. We hope the user manual Rowenta DW9280 Steamforce Iron is useful.

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