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User Manual Maytag MAT20PDAWW Top Load Washer

Maytag MAT20PDAWW Top Load Washer

User Manual Maytag MAT20PDAWW 27 Inch Commercial Top Load Washer will help clean all your clothes perfectly. Installation and troubleshooting instructions are in this manual. Please watch and download for free.

Table of Contents

  1. Washer Safety
  2. Tools & Parts
  3. Dimensions
  4. Location Requirements
  5. Installation instructions
  6. Level Washer
  7. Connect Drain Hose
  8. Drain System
  9. Connect Inlet Hoses
  10. Electrical Requirements
  11. Complete Installation
  12. Installing Coin Slide and Coin Box
  13. Typical Full Load Sizes
  14. Washer Maintenance
  15. If You Need Assistance
  16. Alternate Parts & Accessories
  17. Electronic Controls Set-Up Instructions
  18. Warranty


To ensure efficient functioning and minimize excessive noise from the washer, all shipment items must be removed.

  1. Move the washer to within 4 feet (1.2 meters) of where it will be used; it must be fully upright.

NOTE: Before transferring the washer, place it on cardboard and tape the lid shut to prevent damage to the floor.

• Place cardboard supports from the Tip washer back Remove shipment base to avoid hurting the floor. Set the washer on its side.

IMPORTANT: For effective operation, the shipping base must be removed.

Remember to keep the shipping base in case you need to move the washing machine later.

  • Remove tape from the washer lid, open the lid, and remove the cardboard. Be sure to remove all parts from the tray.

NOTE: Keep the tray in case you need to move the washer later.

Level Washer

IMPORTANT: Make sure the washer is levelled properly to avoid excessive noise and vibration.

  • Place the washer where it will be used. Place a level on the washer’s upper edges. Check the levelness of the sides using the side seam as a reference. As illustrated, use the lid to check the levelness of the front. Back and forth with the rock washer to ensure that all four feet are in solid contact with the floor.
  • Turn jam nuts on feet clockwise using a 9/16″ or 14 mm open-end or adjustable wrench until they are about 1/2″ (13 mm) from the washer cabinet. Then, to lower or elevate the washer, crank the leveling foot clockwise or counterclockwise. Recheck the washer’s levelness and repeat as necessary.
  • HELPFUL TIP: You may want to prop up the front of the washer about 4″ (102 mm) with a wood block or similar object that will support the weight of the washer.

From the link provided below, you can get the entire version of the user manual in pdf format. We hope the user manual Maytag MAT20PDAWW 27 Inch Commercial Top-Load Washer Inch is useful.

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