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Technivorm 53933 KBGV Select Moccamaster Coffee Maker User Manual

Technivorm 53933 KBGV User Manual will help you to make delicious coffee easily and perfectly. The following is a snippet of the contents of the Technivorm 53933 KBGV user manual.

List of contents

  1. Welcome, and thank you for your purchase!
  2. Directions For Use
  3. Best Practices for Best Results
  4. Cleaning & Maintenance
  5. Warranty
  6. Important Safeguards

Directions For Use

Follow the instructions below to get started with your Moccamaster coffee machine. Please see the brewer guidelines on the opposite page for information on your specific model. Before making your final pot of coffee, we recommend brewing two plain water brew cycles.

  1. Set power switch to off.
  2. Firmly attach outlet arm to silicone gasket at the top of the cool water reservoir; the fi t should feel snug. While brewing, be aware that the outlet arm is quite hot.
  3. Fill cool water reservoir to the desired level with fresh, cool water. Cover the chilly water reservoir with a cover.
  4. For the suitable filter type, consult your unique c brewer’s handbook. Caution: While brewing, do not remove the lid; scorching may occur.
  5. Add ground coffee. The recommended formula may be seen in the chart below.
  6. Place brew basket on bracket; position outlet arm over canter of brew basket.
  7. Place lid on brew basket. Adjust the slide to the open position for manual-adjust brew basket types.
  8. Place carafe into position. Make sure the cup is pushed against the studs or nested in the mug tray for Cup-One.
  9. Plug into grounded outlet. Set power switch to β€œON” position.

Water will be heated to a boil, then poured into the brew basket through the brewer’s output arm and into the brew basket. For brew times, see your brewer’s handbook.

For best flavor, use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water, or 55 grams of ground coffee per litter.

Quick Start Guide

Step 1.

  • Set Power Switch to OFF (A)
  • Attach 9-Hole Outlet Arm (B)
  • Fill Cool Water Reservoir (C) with fresh, cool water

Step 2.

  • Place a No. 4 filter in Brew Basket (D)
  • Rinse filter with water
  • Add coffee (refer to the formula under Water-to-Coffee Ratio”)

From the link provided below, you can get the entire version of the user manual in pdf format.. We hope the user manual Technivorm 53933 KBGV Select Moccamaster Coffee Maker is useful.

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