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User Manual LG LMX220PM Tribute™ Empire Boost Mobile

This manual will help you use the LG LMX220PM LG Tribute™ Empire Boost Mobile. All problems can be solved easily if you read carefully. Hope it is useful.

Table Of Contents

  1. Custom-designed
  2. Features
  3. Camera features
  4. Gallery features
  5. Multi-tasking feature
  6. Google Assistant
  7. Basic Functions
  8. Product components and
  9. accessories
  10. Parts overview
  11. Turning the power on or off
  12. Installing the SIM card
  13. Inserting the memory card
  14. Removing the memory card
  15. Battery
  16. Touch screen
  17. Home screen
  18. Screen lock
  19. Memory card encryption
  20. Taking screenshots
  21. Entering text
  22. Do not disturb
  23. Useful Apps
  24. Installing and uninstalling apps
  25. App trash
  26. App Shortcuts
  27. Phone
  28. Messages
  29. Camera
  30. Gallery
  31. Chrome
  32. Google apps
  33. Contacts
  34. QuickMemo+
  35. Clock
  36. Tasks

Using the battery efficiently

If you keep a lot of applications and functions active at the same time, your battery life may suffer. Stop apps and functions from running in the background to increase battery life.

To minimize battery consumption, follow these tips:

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi network function when not using them.
  2. Set the screen timeout to as short a time as possible.
  3. Minimize the screen brightness.
  4. Set a screen lock when the device is not in use.
  5. Check the battery usage details and close any downloaded apps that are draining the battery.

Editing the Home screen

Touch and hold an empty spot on the home screen, then pick the appropriate action from the options below.

  1. To rearrange the home screen canvases, touch and hold on a canvas, then drag it to the desired location.
  2. To add a widget to the home screen, touch and hold on a blank area of the home screen, then select Widgets.
  3. To change a wallpaper, theme, and icons, touch and hold on a blank area of the home screen, then select Wallpaper & theme.
  4. You can also tap Settings Display Wallpaper & theme, then select a wallpaper, theme, and icons to apply to the device.
  5. To configure the home screen settings, touch and hold on a blank area of the home screen, then select home screen settings. See Home screen settings for details.

From the link provided below, you can get the entire version of the user manual in pdf format. We hope you will find the LG LMX220PM TributeTM Empire Boost Mobile user manual to be informative.

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